Millzone Network Operations

Millzone Network Operations


Under the direction of composer and producerMichael Mills, the Millzone operation has developed a successful,culturally diverse recording, production, talent management and entertainment company encompassing music, world drumming, video production, art and heritage. With over 37 years of experience in diverse world drumming, music, word and song.

Michael has been involved with all facets of performance, education, production, promotion and public/human service and has participated in countless major community, state and national events, including nationally televised ‘Million Mom March’ in Wash, DC. with over 800,000 attending. Now Michael has assembled an extensive synergistic network of talented artists and production and promotion professionals; to deliver first class results for all Millzone clients and projects. Currently, he is Co-Founder of TCCF, .



In this section, we’ll introduce
you to the members of the
Millzone Network providing a
brief description of what skills
and services each member brings
to the organization.

Michael Mills: a Composer, Producer,
Songwriter, Master percussionist, performer
and educator with over 37 years direct
experience in world drumming, music,
word, song and Public/Human Services.

Cecelia L. Calloway: Founder and C.E.O.
of C.L.C Entertainment and ‘The Cab
Calloway Foundation, Inc.’ who began
performing with her father at the age of 9.
She is currently a vocalist-recording artist
and storytelling entertaining author.

George S. Norton: Founder and owner of
Norton Consulting, has over 35 years of
banking experience as a corporate
executive with skills in leadership training,
assessment, conflict management,
executive coaching and project


Michael Blum: 95’ Yale SOM Graduate,
with over 20 years of successful promotions
and organizational management experience. Producing promotional marketing/multi-media projects; Lionel Richie ‘Tuskegee’, Taylor Swift, Cold Play, Lady Antebellum and more.   Consultant and marketing specialist for Millzone and mainstream corporations, EMG,EMI/Universal, also ‘Prime Organizer’ for  “Drums across America” (DAA) USA concert tour campaign.

Burnice Mills:  Founder and Owner of 2nd Floor Productions and Mills Mecca Publishing, also Collaborative Partner/Producer of Millzone Network, Music Technology Specialist, guitarist, instructor and member of ‘The Calloway Collaboration Project’.

Peter Edwards: British-born pianist, composer and multi-keyboardist currently in Florida, is one of the early innovators of new age piano and contemporary instrumental soundscapes For more than 25 years he’s been a collaborative, composing partner with Michael Mills, both co-founders of the New England based ‘HALA’ World Music Ensemble. “While listening to Secret Oasis performed so masterfully by Peter Edwards, you are transported to another peaceful place. I use this CD to sit back, relax and escape from the real world. Peter has discovered how to use his piano to transmit peace.” – Rudy Perez, 2005 Billboard Awards Latin Producer Of The Year and 2005 ASCAP Latin Songwriter of the Year.


Michael Cone: Printing Consultant – Total Print Communications,  Hamden, Connecticut. TPC specializes in all phases of graphic design, graphic assembly, Print Media, Branding /Identity, Signage and the multi-color print production. Consultant for Calloway projects and collaborative partner with  MillZone Network Operation. Visit:

Dave Jackson: Founder and C.E.O of Jackson Artist Corporation,Kansas City, is a booking agent for over 200 star studded legendary entertainers. VP of Artist Limited, LLC; dedicated to copyright protection and violation collection.

Doug Johnson: Concert Promoter and Entertainment Consultant based inSan Diego, CA. Planning “LIVE” Calloway celebrity concert tribute designed for PBS and other television networks.

Jerry Harris:  Owner of Gerry Harris Originals,Shreveport,LA, is an accomplished artist who has drawn portraits for legends of the past, such as Andy Devine, Dorothy Lamour, Virginia Mayo, Dana Andrews, Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and more.  His company creates Tee Shirts, caps and other high quality memorabilia.

Scott Thompson:  Before starting his own firm, Scott served as Assistant Director of Public Relations for “Jazz at the Lincoln Center” in New York City that produces concerts at three of its venues in Columbus Circle and provides music education programs to reach more than 100,000 people each year.  Scott’s daily routine is working with music history icon, Wynton Marsalis, the Artistic Director for Jazz at the Lincoln Center and, a noted journalist and contributor on jazz history. Thompson is also contributing writer for Playbill. Scott’s website:

Jean-Francois Pitet:  Founder of inParis,France, a lifelong fan of Cab Calloway and jazz, also a Calloway Project partner with strong connection to the European Jazz community. Designer of Cab Calloway photo image poster board gallery of over 100 Calloway images, also International liaison for the Calloway Preservation and Legacy Project.


John McIndoe Grandson of Joe Biddall legendary European Circus Family. Started in the Music Business at the age of 15 as an intern at Brian Summerville Publicist for the Beatles. Went on from there to work on various music projects at the legendary MARQUEE Club and RONNY SCOTS CLUB in London. Moved to the US with Capitol Records as an Artist for 5 years then returned to London with PYE records worked on promotion and in House producing with songs such as Kung Foo Fighting, Sad Sweet Dreamer and many more at that time, returned to the US worked in TV production and development with Sid & Marty Krofft at their Show Biz Factory in Los Angeles. Then moved to the Robert Littman Literary agency working on scrip development for many major movies. At the present working with John Lamonte catalogs.Web site


John Truelson: Founder and owner of True Media Development, , a computer technology wizard, web host
designer and hosting provider. In addition, a composer, musical
genius and vocal arranger, copyist and producer. Truelson is the
vocal and music consultant for Cecelia Calloway and more..

Tom Disher:  Founder and President of Disher Music and Sound, Emmy Award winning sound production in a San Francisco based audio post production facility specializing in music composition, sound design and mixing. Please visit .

Lawrence Martin: Owner and C.E.O. Platinum Traxs, Culturally diverse producer, music tech specialist and musical track master from Atlanta who specializes in various musical genres such as; Hip Hop, R & B, Jamaican beats, Dance, Techno and more.


Jonah Bolt: We are a rapidly expanding multimedia production, sustainable systems and social media solutions company that offers the advantage of exposure and growth while supporting conscious and sustainable living, global awareness, and a new vision for the future. Website:

L’John Epps: Founder and owner of Yunek Entertainment inWashingtonDC.  L’John is a producer and songwriter and vocalist with various musical talents, formerly the lead vocalist for Atlantic Starr, platinum recording artists of the 70’s and 80’s. We are currently producing an R&B/Love song CD project entitled: “Storybook of Love”/Syvelle Storybook.

Tuffest: Jamaican born recording artist, song writer and representative for Jamaican Recording Artist Collaborative in Brooklyn New York. His partnering network has over 12 artists which are under the Millzone Music Service Network Management. We are currently producing a tribute to Cab single release with various Jamaican artist and 12 song compilation CD project with promotional music video.

Bob Baldwin is a New York-born contemporary jazz pianist,
music composer, author, and producer, who learned music
from his father, Robert (Bob) Baldwin, Sr.
Website: or

Michael Cone:  Owner of Lighthouse Litho, LLC, located inHamden,Connecticut. His company specialize in all phases of graphic design and composition, printing and copying, also is the printing house for Calloway projects and collaborative partner with  Millzone Music Service Network. Some of their fine services include 4-color digital and multi-color printing and complete binding service.

Gregory Krikko: Krikko Obbott is a contemporary Nigerian-American artist and architect who is best known for his enormous pencil drawings(20 ft tall) of city-scapes. His perspective drawing and pencil technique is unprecedented and his works are found in galleries and homes all over the world with over 70 displays inNew York City alone.

Krikko’s famous New York drawing has been featured on many television shows and documentaries and on the motion picture “Fighting.” Since 1996 tens of thousands of prints have been sold to collectors and tourists around the world via New York City, especially Times Square and other famous tourist centers including the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, the Statue of Liberty, The United Nations, and Fifth Avenue. For more information, click this link:

Bruce Pilato : Co-Producer of ‘Calloway’ The Musical. Bruce Pilato is a 37-year veteran of the entertainment business, who currently owns and operates Pilato Entertainment, Marketing & Media, LLC, a company that provides entertainment marketing, artist management, promotion and project development to a number of domestic and international clients.

Pilato has worked closely with a myriad of US and British platinum recording artists, including: Emerson Lake & Palmer, Greg Lake , The Carl Palmer Band, the original line up of Asia, Lou Gramm, Foreigner, Sex Pistols founding member Glen Matlock, and The Tubes with Fee Waybill. Website: 

Harold Harris: Founder and Owner of Harold Harris and Associates ofChicago. Harold is a well known pianist and producer formerly employed for over 15 years by Hugh Hefner at the playboy club and mansion. He’s performed with Johnny Mathis and many other celebrities. Mr. Harris was known as Mr. Piano. Google Harold Harris ‘Live’ at the Playboy.  Millzone network is producing his music and storybook video documentary “The music, life and legacy of Harold Harris” in progress. Two more Sample Tracks form Harold: History on Tape                Harold harris bluesville 7”




Millzone Production Network

Millzone Production Network
has well over 500 musical tracks
currently in various stages of
development with an estimated value
of over five million dollars.

Here’s a list of some of these Projects










For more information on how the Millzone Network Operations can help you with your next project, contact us at 203-931-8750 or 203-675-4827 and you can email us at:

Cab Calloway Legacy & Centennial
Project hosted by Cecelia L. Calloway.

Cab Calloway musical Catalog
recorded by various Millzone artists.

Cab Calloway Composer’s rights
catalog licensing.

Cecelia L. Calloway 16 track musical CD
and storybook episode series on DVD.

Cab Calloway Comic book and song
package with special 100 song box set
series featuring cover by well known
European caricaturist Cabu and produced
by Jean-Francois Pitet and his fellow jazz
enthusiasts from Europe.

Cab Calloway Documentary series for
channel networks (A&E, History Channel,
Thirteen/American Masters, etc.).
We’re now working on ‘Calloway
the Musical’ with .

The Pride & Journey 100 plus portrait
narration and musical series on DVD
and replicated textbook featuring
Cab Calloway in special edition.

L’John Epps “Storybook of Love”
/Syvelle CD project.

Tuffest & his Jamaican Artist
Collaborative Network solo CD
and compilation CD.

 Jimmie Wilson, formerly of ‘Bill Baker and The 5 Satins’, ‘Jim V Grey of The Tempos’ and formerly with Doug McClure of ‘The Flamingos’. Today, Jimmie Wilson is a member of ‘Cecelia L.Calloway Legacy’ sextet and big band revue.


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